A Tentative Return to Gaming…

Back in the beginning of the year, I decided to completely quit gaming for a while so that I could concentrate on work. I did that and I’m very glad I did. I’ve had a very productive start to the year and since about July, I decided to allow myself a little play time again.

This made me nervous because I’ve always been a bit of a game addict and I worried that I wouldn’t be able to play just a “little bit” and I’d end up getting sucked into a game and sabotaging my work as I have done in the past.

So far, that hasn’t happened yet! I’ve only had an hour or two here and there; probably no more than 10 hours a week which is a LOT less than I used to play. Also during the year, I’ve taken up Karate¬†which takes up two evenings a week that I used to spend gaming.

So what have I been playing?

Fallout 3


I always play old games. I’m one of those really slow gamers that spends far too long doing things (which is probably why such a slow paced game like Wurm appeals to me) and I often pour dozens of hours into these big games and still never finish them.

However in the case of Fallout 3, that was one of the games I really loved (I’m a huge Bethesda fan) but I was actually forced to stop playing years ago when I bought a new laptop running Windows 7. It simply crashes every few minutes.

For about 2 weeks I struggled trying to play it on my gaming PC, trying every trick and fix and tweak I could find and eventually gave up. However, I never actually got around to throwing out my old Windows XP machine so I loaded it up on there! It kinda sucks having to play on an old PC as it’s nowhere near as smooth as my current machine but at least I can play it without crashing!

So I’ve been playing just a few hours a week for about a month or so. I’m quite close to the end of the main quest but still have a lot of unexplored areas on the map. But I’ve sunk a lot of hours in this game and I have to admit it’s getting a little samey. Although I love it, and I want to at least play through all the quests and all the DLC, I was starting to get the itch for something different…


This happened today and is the reason I wrote this post really. I’m not even sure what made me think of it but Wurm popped into my head and I found myself reading the forums to check what changes had been made over the last few months.

This evening I decided to see if it would still load okay and it did and because I now play Wurm Unlimited and not Wurm Online, everything is exactly how I left it. I was next to my cart & horses, in the middle of terraforming the area in front of my mine and I have a patch of crops ready for tending!

I love that I can leave the game for 8 months and then just pick it back up again like any other single player game! I’m slightly worried though because I know how much Wurm can really suck you in!

Even now, it’s way past my bedtime but I just wanted to do a few bits in game and then I got inspired to write the post! And on that note, it’s definitely time for bed! I’ll post a video in the next week or so showing how the deed is coming along.

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