Gaming Is On Hold For a While

I did something today that made me feel sad – I canceled my SEO All Access subscription which includes Everquest. I have been AFK since the end of October and I just haven’t had time to get back into the game.

Some of you in the Wurm community will probably have noticed my lack of participation there too. I have also put Wurm on hold as well. Luckily, with the new Wurm Unlimited I can actually put it on hold and not have to let everything deteriorate. I run my server on Citadel Servers and I have simply shut down the server for now. Any time I want to play again I just start it back up and continue where I left off. No decay, no dead horses, no overgrown wilderness etc.

But for Everquest I can’t just put it on hold. I have been playing on Ragefire – a progression server and it is currently on the first expansion, the Ruins of Kunark. It actually has 2 or 3 more months to go until Velious unlocks so there is still time for me to level up, complete my Epic quest but unfortunately I cannot afford the time to play right now.

Since December, I have basically cut out all gaming except for the very occasional hour here and there with a Steam game. I have to concentrate more on work and other real life things at the moment.

This makes me sad, and also worries me a little as in the past when I have cut out gaming, it hasn’t lasted long and I usually end up rebelling against myself a few months later and then doing nothing but play games for a few weeks which sabotages every thing else! I’m self employed so this is actually possible for me to do and very damaging to my business as I’m sure you can imagine.

Still, I will try to keep a balance if I can but I do have a tendency to play these long drawn out epic games that suck me in for years at a time and that is the gaming I just don’t have time for right now.

So of course, this being my gaming blog – I’ll having nothing to post for a while either! Such is life.

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