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How To Set Your Wurm Unlimited Server to Summer Time


When you create a new server from scratch by importing in a new map and then rebuilding the databases as I previously showed in my custom map tutorial, you’ll notice that when you start your first character – everything is white. This is because the default server time that is used sets the season to […]

How to Export Map Dump Images From Your Server Files in Wurm Unlimited


I have another tutorial video for you today but it’s a real quick one. Remember on the Wurm Online live servers the devs would release an image of a map dump some time after the server opened? Well you can do this yourself for your Wurm Unlimited servers as often as you like. Map Viewer […]

Tutorial: How to Install Custom Maps & Clean Your Database in Wurm Unlimited


A lot of people (myself included) have had problems trying to get custom maps to work properly in Wurm Unlimited. Very often, the server just hangs¬†after the ‘loading servers’ message. This is particularly the case with the smaller sized 1024 x 1024 maps. I have fixed these problems, and also cleaned my server database of […]

Wurm Unlimited – First Impressions

A growing selection of public WU servers

Wurm Unlimited launched on time (it’s on Steam, so delays don’t happen as far as I know!) on the evening of the 21st October – a little over 2 days ago. Within hours there several public and private servers being shown in the Steam server list. To get started, I just picked a server based […]

So….. Wurm Unlimited?

Wurm Unlimited

In my intro post about Wurm I explained how I was always moving locations to setup new deeds and how even on Xanadu I was not happy with my location and wanted to move. I’d been thinking about this for several weeks and had started to prepare. I built a Knarr, started loading it up […]

My Time in Wurm So Far

Part of Kelethin on Pristine

I first started playing Wurm a little over three and a half years ago in March 2012. I can’t believe it’s been that long! I don’t even remember how I first discovered the game. I’ve always loved crafting in MMOs and so when I found Wurm and discovered that absolutely everything in game was player […]