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Adventures in Valoria 05 – The Joys of Being a Fo priest

I mentioned briefly in my last Scar of Velious video that I was a Fo Priest and I have recorded a very quick video today to show just how it helps with hunting. Maybe it will inspire somebody to go Fo 🙂 Shortly after shooting the video I saw this: Now I just need to […]

Scar of Velious 02 – Terraforming

It’s been a couple of weeks since my first video of my deed. I had planned to do a little terraforming – bring down the hill my token was on, and bring up the valley to the best but that ended up being a much bigger job than I had estimated so I have done another […]

Adventures in Valoria 04 – Opening a Mine

In the first video of the deed that I made, I said that I was probably going to open a mine to south where the pine trees were. I started to make a dirt path from my token towards the trees but as I got closer to the forest I realised that the land was […]

Scar of Velious 01 – Freshly Deeded

I’m going to do a combination of written and video posts, mainly for my own benefit so I can look back on my deed as it progresses. This video was taken just a few hours after I formed a deed on valoria, called Scar of Velious, so it’s really just a look around the general […]

Adventures in Valoria 03 – Venturing Out


Once I had become a priest, made my tools and skilled up my 2 handed weapon, I was almost ready to head out.  One of the difficulties when you found a new deed is finding iron; first you have to expose rock and create a mine and then you actually have to find the iron. […]

Adventures in Valoria 02 – Making Preparations

You can see the white light altar out a little way from the main Citadel

In WO, I have played on many servers – Deliverance, Celebration, Pristine and Xanadu. Deli was the server I started on when I started the game for the very first time. The other three were all brand new severs and each time I experienced the “land rush” where everyone is rushing to deed a great […]

Adventures in Valoria 01 – Introduction to the Server


When I first started on the Valoria server I was intending just to have a look around. I had already created characters on another couple of servers and toyed around for an hour or two but something kept me here. Modding Heaven The server has a great many mods installed, many of which simply take […]

Returning to Wurm

The more popular public servers at the moment

The last time I played Wurm was in December 2015, which is when I decided to quit gaming for a while so I could concentrate on work. I had switched from Wurm Online to Wurm Unlimited and I was enjoying getting started on my new server, Crater Lake, which I had created myself. Over the […]

Crater Lake 02 – Messy Terraforming Begins


This is the second in the Crater Lake series, a private server based on a custom map that you can download here to use in your own server. I’ve started terraforming and made quite a mess around the mine! I wanted to get this mess on video before I start tidying it all up 🙂 […]

Crater Lake 01 – A Brief Tour of the Map


This is a new series of posts, mainly for my own benefit where I am going to record my progress on a new server that is using a map which I created, called Crater Lake. Feel free to use the map in your own server, you can download it here. This is what the map […]