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A Tentative Return to Gaming…


Back in the beginning of the year, I decided to completely quit gaming for a while so that I could concentrate on work. I did that and I’m very glad I did. I’ve had a very productive start to the year and since about July, I decided to allow myself a little play time again. […]

Gaming Is On Hold For a While

I did something today that made me feel sad – I canceled my SEO All Access subscription which includes Everquest. I have been AFK since the end of October and I just haven’t had time to get back into the game. Some of you in the Wurm community will probably have noticed my lack of […]

Who is Rheyan?

Rheyan - Level 1!

Rheyan is a character I created in Everquest back in about 2001. Everquest was my first ever MMO and I fell in love with it even though I didn’t really understand much about MMO’s at the time. Since then I’ve played numerous online and single player games and for fantasy style games I often find […]