Adventures in Valoria 03 – Venturing Out

Once I had become a priest, made my tools and skilled up my 2 handed weapon, I was almost ready to head out.  One of the difficulties when you found a new deed is finding iron; first you have to expose rock and create a mine and then you actually have to find the iron. So I decided to use the public mine at the citadel to give myself a little head-start. I made 100 small nails, 100 large nails and 6 iron ribbons so I’d have enough to make a cart, come crates, a fence, BSB etc when I got settled.

Finally I was ready! I hauled as much as I could carry into the small cart and started dragging it along the road. It was very slow going – around 5mph! This was fine to begin with as the roads around the starting area are well populated and there’s not many mobs around. However, at 5mph I wasn’t going to be able to out run anything.

Luckily, when I got to a deed called the Crossroads which was just a little way south, a nice player called Remington saw me dragging my small cart and offered me a large one with a bison already hitched! How nice! This enabled me to go at 12mph and more importantly, keep driving even if my stamina was out, which would enable me to run away if something aggro’d.

So my plan was to head South to the um, penis! Yep somebody drew a penis in the land lol. So to get to that, follow the road around and continue heading South until the road bends to the west. From that point follow all the way West until it again bends South and finally continue down that road to Aurora’s Glade which is situated on the coast.

Okay it has a face and two feet - but it;'s a penis! Lol

Okay it has a face and two feet – but it;’s a penis! Lol

I almost made it 🙂 I almost got to the last stretch of road that runs South when I was tagged by a hell hound whilst going up a hill. The cart slowed to 8mph, which was not enough to out run the hound and it kept hitting me until I died. But at least I knew exactly where I was.

I left it a few hours before attempting the recovery, and of course as I was naked I could run much faster. I got back to my cart without issue. I saw the hell hound and this time was able to avoid it but there was now a troll stood right next to the cart! But it was an old one…

I figured that trolls are slow, especially old ones. So I took a risk, quickly looted my corpse, hopped on the cart and rode away! The troll aggro’d but didn’t actually get a hit off and I was free!

But that wasn’t the end of the adventure of course. That last stretch of road was actually quite troublesome. I ran into a pack of goblins that were actually quite weak. I was able to kill them all. But then I ran into an area that was just full of black bears – almost a dozen of them!

I could kill one on its own but I couldn’t do it if there were several attacking me at once. Luckily there were two guard towers down this stretch of road and I was able to run the cart between them, getting help at each end from the guards and picking off the stragglers in the middle. It took a while but I eventually killed them all; some on my own and some with the help of the guards. That gave me some nice bounties too 🙂

At last I reached Aurora Glade safely. I went down to the coast which was just off deed and pitched my tent.


A view of Aurora Glade from the top. That guard tower came in very useful!


The next stage was to build a rowboat which was pretty easy and I did this in around 3 hours – a great example of how much faster this game is than WO. I loaded up the boat with as much as I could (I had to leave some stuff behind) and then set sail to find my new home!


My little rowboat – loaded up and ready to go

The boat journey was uneventful. The speed of boats has been increased and I was going at over 20 mph which was very nice. I sailed south around the coast and I stopped off at a couple of small deeds to be nosey and have a look around.

There were TONS of aggressive monsters! I found an area on the south coast in between Gnome Home and Palomina beach that looked quite promising. It had mainly friendly creatures like horses and cattle, a wide open area which gently backed into a forest. The beach was lovely and it was very large. However, it was a little flat and I had already scouted out an area on the map before hand.


One of several hunting areas chock-full of mobs to kill!

I sailed all along the south coast then headed up north along the east coast. A little way up the coast is a bay with a handful of deeds inside it. That bay has an area in between two forests that looked untouched. It is coastal, has a little beach and has easy access to a large area of Steppe for hunting. It also looks like it’s fairly close to a mountain which would be a great place for a mine.

When I got there I found it was exactly what I was looking for. It was quite heavily infested with aggressive creatures (mainly scorpions) but also had lots of horses, cattle, sheep etc too. The two forests were pine and maple which I like, and the layout of the land looked like it would have plenty of dirt for me to work with.

One of the super-useful things about this server is that you start off being able to ride a horse. So I grabbed one and rode it which allowed me to out run mobs. So I used a ‘kiting’ tactic from Everquest to just run up to a mob to aggro it, then just lead it away. Once I cleared an area of aggressives, i was able to found the deed and Scar of Velious was born!

Any EQ players will know that the Scars of Velious was the name of the second expansion pack of the game – one that I loved. I may end up creating a second mining deed, and if I do, I will call it Crystal Caverns, which came from that Expansion. I’m such a geek lol 🙂


The red dot is the location of my new deed on Valoria

I will probably make some video posts showing my progress on the deed – mainly for my own benefit 🙂


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