Adventures in Valoria 02 – Making Preparations

In WO, I have played on many servers – Deliverance, Celebration, Pristine and Xanadu. Deli was the server I started on when I started the game for the very first time. The other three were all brand new severs and each time I experienced the “land rush” where everyone is rushing to deed a great spot on the server.

This is something I both love and hate. I love a fresh server with tons of untouched land, but I hate having to rush. Valoria gives me the advantage of tons of untouched land but there’s no rush because I’m not competing with a ton of other players for land. So with that in mind, I decided to actually make use of the starting area and get myself properly setup before heading out on my own. What a nice refreshing change!

The Priesthood

For me, being a priest is a massive part of the game. In WO I had two characters – Rheyan was my priest and Terren (male char) was everything else. In WU I can just be Rheyan who does everything, yay! In WU, we don’t need to get another player to convert us, we can simply travel to the white light altar. However in Valoria this seemed to be in the middle of the ocean and I didn’t think it was possible to get there.

But somebody pointed out that its actually a very easy swim. There was another new player joining at a similar time to me and he made the swim with over half his stamina bar left so I did the same. No problems at all. Once I was a follower of Fo, I then played as much as I could to grind up my faith to 30, so I could go back to the altar to become a priest. This was the main requirement before leaving the starting city.

You can see the white light altar out a little way from the main Citadel

You can see the white light altar out a little way from the main Citadel

Skills & Tools

I also wanted to make myself a set of decent quality tools so I’d already had everything I needed before finding my own place. The public mine was big and there was conveniently a forge and an altar right next to an iron vein. I spent quite a lot of time here mining, making tools and working up my skills and praying for faith.

I spent a lot of time in this area of the mine in my first week.

I spent a lot of time in this area of the mine in my first week.

Skill gain was fast, well everything was fast really. It’s actually nice to feel as though I can make useful progress in just an hour or two of playing.

I made a small cart and basically dragged it around with me everywhere for a week! Now that was slow heh but just temporary.

Two key things which I made during this time were a Statuette of Fo for my Priest and a Pendulum so I can find water later on.

This is the Live Map mod - is shows you a mini map and inside caves, shows you where the veins are! So useful!

This is the Live Map mod – is shows you a mini map and inside caves, shows you where the veins are! So useful!

Getting Ready for a Fight!

Another change on this server which I didn’t mention in my introductory post is that they have made several changes which make life much easier for starting characters:

  • Your fight skill starts at 10 instead of 0
  • Your combat rating is tripled – this is huge!
  • You start with a full set of 30QL leather armor
  • You start with a 50QL sword, and a shield

I actually ditched the sword and shield, despite the sword being 50QL. I remember when I was in Pristine, I used to fight with a sword & board and then somebody told me to try out a two handed weapon and it did so much more damage and fighting became so much easier as a result so I wanted to start the way I intend to go on. I made a two handed sword and was able to imp it to around 25QL fairly quickly.

With chopping weapons you can get weapon skill by using them to chop down trees. A short way from the starting town was a forest with an abandoned area that had been flattened out and still had some decaying fence. I rebuilt the fence, made a 2×2 shack, and created an enclosure for myself. I then used the trees in the forest to grind up my weapon skill to 20 which is the max using this method.

I also knew that I would need cotton for bandaging so I used the enclosure to do some farming and get stocked up. Farming is about 10x the speed on Valoria. In WO crops would take maybe 4-5 days to grow and here it’s more like 6 hours! Also, the crops never rot which is just one less thing to worry about.

Tackling the Sea

My plan was to drag my cart all the way to the coast (a flawed plan but I’ll talk about that next time!) and then to build a rowboat at the coast and continue my journey by sea. So, I knew I’d need mooring rope. There’s a trader in the starting city and they had some mooring ropes for sale for just a few copper. I was actually able to sell a few bits to the trader so I had enough to buy what I needed.

Usually I like to be completely self sufficient and do everything from scratch but I’ve done that twice now in WO (I had to start brand new characters for Pristine) and I’m done with that. I’ll take the shortcut thanks 🙂 I could have bought the statuette and pendulum from the trader too but I had already made them myself before I realised heh.

The Bartender and Trader hanging out in Valoria Citadel

The Bartender and Trader hanging out in Valoria Citadel

It took me about a week to become a Priest, make all my tools, and get stocked up on cotton, healing covers and casseroles so that I could begin my journey.


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