Adventures in Valoria 01 – Introduction to the Server


When I first started on the Valoria server I was intending just to have a look around. I had already created characters on another couple of servers and toyed around for an hour or two but something kept me here.

Modding Heaven

The server has a great many mods installed, many of which simply take away a lot of the tedium and annoyance of Wurm Online.  For example, when you dig, the dirt drops to the ground and can even go right into a crate that’s in your cart!

Priest restrictions have been removed so everybody can be a priest on their main character. That was actually one of the very first mods introduced and I think most servers have it. It also allows any white light priest to cast ALL white light spells, so you don’t need 3 separate priests. This was done because to play multiple characters simultaneously in WU you’d need multiple Steam accounts and multiple copies of the game. But it just makes it so much nicer and more convenient. I’ve decided to go Fo this time (I’m usually Vynora) so that travel is safer due to animals not being aggressive at higher faith levels.

You can get a faith gain every 20 minutes as many times a day as you like so if you are online a lot, faith gains can go MUCH faster than in WO. The same has been done with meditation. You still have to wait 30 mins, but you are not capped per day and you also don’t have to move from your spot.

Healing covers show a number to indicate their strength on the name. Fish, fillets and mushrooms can be put into an FSB. Hot items can be put into bulk storage bins. These may seem like small tweaks but for me they are just awesome!

They’ve also made mounts, carts & boats much faster, doubled the capacity of crates, increased the capacity of forges – all great changes. There are many other little tweaks which just make the game more fun and also the base skill gain is 3x faster, and action timers are 5x faster. I actually find the action timers a little too fast but these days I just don’t have the same time available for the game that I used to so I’m not complaining!


Something else which has been introduced is the Bounty mod which awards players coin for killing creatures. You get more for an aggressive creature and the more difficult it is, the more you get. For example, for a wild cat you get just 2c, but for a troll it’s 20c. This adds up quite fast.

What’s also nice, is that you don’t have to kill the creature by yourself to get the bounty as I discovered early on when I had to scream out to the guards to help me with a troll! I was pleasantly surprised to get a 20c bounty even though they helped – and two of them died in the process! R.I.P.

Valoria Citadel - the starting town for the server

Valoria Citadel – the starting town for the server


Deed creation is free – and that has always been the most expensive part of deeds in WO. I paid over 50 silver to create my last deed in WO! Here you can resize at will for free but you will still incur the upkeep cost. So this means that if people stop playing, their deed will eventually disband and decay if they did not add much to the upkeep. But the upkeep is MUCH cheaper than the creation cost and if you are a hunter character (I am!) then you’ll easily be able to afford the upkeep on a good sized deed.

However, if you’re not into fighting, Valoria have a donation system in place. You can make a donation of real money which goes towards their server cost, and they will reward you with something in game. Basically it’s a little like the WO shop only a heck of a lot better! For example, for just £10 I can receive a gift of 50 silver coins. With deeds being free, that could keep an absolutely massive deed going for a very long time. I’ll probably ending up doing just that when I find a place to settle…

The Map

One of the things which attracted me to this server was the map. Its a 4096 x 4096 map which is a very good size, and it has enough players to create a community but there’s still a ton of free space. Some of the older servers were looking a bit crowded and I’d rather play on my own server than be butting up against the neighbours.

This should get me the best of both worlds. With the size of the map, and the free deeds, I should be able to create the huge deed I always wanted but still have the advantage of being on a living breathing server.

One thing which Valoria and some other servers have started doing is to reward players with coin for building public highways and guard towers. This has lead to a nice infrastructure being built which makes travel across the map a lot easier in some places.

The map link is actually a live map which updates from the server a couple of times a week. This is brilliant as it means that when I go looking for a place to settle, I can have a pretty good idea of a good spot before heading out.

The Community

The server is pleasantly active. During the UK evening time, the peak seems to be around 25-30 players online, and of course it may be a bit higher than that during my night time. Everyone is very helpful and it’s nice been very nice so far. I like that there’s enough people to make it feel like a community, but few enough that you start to get to know people by name.

So for now at least, I will call Valoria my home 🙂


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