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How To Set Your Wurm Unlimited Server to Summer Time


When you create a new server from scratch by importing in a new map and then rebuilding the databases as I previously showed in my custom map tutorial, you’ll notice that when you start your first character – everything is white. This is because the default server time that is used sets the season to […]

How to Export Map Dump Images From Your Server Files in Wurm Unlimited


I have another tutorial video for you today but it’s a real quick one. Remember on the Wurm Online live servers the devs would release an image of a map dump some time after the server opened? Well you can do this yourself for your Wurm Unlimited servers as often as you like. Map Viewer […]

Tutorial: How to Install Custom Maps & Clean Your Database in Wurm Unlimited


A lot of people (myself included) have had problems trying to get custom maps to work properly in Wurm Unlimited. Very often, the server just hangs after the ‘loading servers’ message. This is particularly the case with the smaller sized 1024 x 1024 maps. I have fixed these problems, and also cleaned my server database of […]

Wurm Unlimited – First Impressions

A growing selection of public WU servers

Wurm Unlimited launched on time (it’s on Steam, so delays don’t happen as far as I know!) on the evening of the 21st October – a little over 2 days ago. Within hours there several public and private servers being shown in the Steam server list. To get started, I just picked a server based […]

The Settlers Online – Big Update Released


The Settlers Online is a browser game I last played a little over a year ago. I always loved the old single player games years ago and so I was interested in it when it first came out. I played for a while but got a little bored and quit. As I do with most games […]

So….. Wurm Unlimited?

Wurm Unlimited

In my intro post about Wurm I explained how I was always moving locations to setup new deeds and how even on Xanadu I was not happy with my location and wanted to move. I’d been thinking about this for several weeks and had started to prepare. I built a Knarr, started loading it up […]

My Time in Wurm So Far

Part of Kelethin on Pristine

I first started playing Wurm a little over three and a half years ago in March 2012. I can’t believe it’s been that long! I don’t even remember how I first discovered the game. I’ve always loved crafting in MMOs and so when I found Wurm and discovered that absolutely everything in game was player […]